Why have a Doula?

A professional trained in childbirth, lactation and postpartum care who provides emotional, physical and educational support to a family during pregnancy and delivery.  Essentially we "mother the Mother".  Advocacy is also a huge part of the doula's role, especially in the hospital setting.  Helping families understand their rights and execute their preferences.

Simone strives to establish and maintain a peaceful & relaxing birthing environment for you to welcome in the joys of motherhood.

Whats Included in P.E.A.R.LS Birth Support:

Services can be provided virtually
(As the result of COVID-19, service delivery methods are subject to change) 

Doula Care: Simone is here to assist with Prenatal, On-Call Labor, Lactation, and Post-Partum support as well as classes.

Prenatal: Offers all-natural and holistic prenatal nutrition and support.  We also develop routines and techniques to help prepare your body for birth. 

EpiDoula: Certified to support mothers who choose to utilize epidural pain relief and able to help them navigate that experience to achieve a health vaginal delivery.

Labor Support: Provides direct hands on physical support leading up to and during active labor, natural comfort measures, and use of positioning techniques that keep the mother comfortable while progressing through labor.  She also keeps the parents informed, explains medical terminology and advocates for best health outcomes for mom and baby.

Post-Partum: In-Home care includes Newborn Sleep Assistance, Nutritious Meal Planning and Prep, Light Housekeeping, Depression / Mood Disorder Recovery care, etc. Overnight shifts are available as requested.

Consultations: Are conducted In-Person, or via Phone / Video chat.

Intake: Simone provides a 90-minute consultation getting to know you, your partner (if present) and the birth you would like to achieve.  

Birth Planning Sessions: This is a 30-minute session where Simone walks you and your partner through the process of developing your birth plan based upon your needs and wishes. 

Child Birth Education: This is a 4 hour Interactive or virtual session designed to prepare you for the birthing experience and to help you develop your birthing plan.

Newborn Care Education: This is a 3.5 - 4 hour Interactive or virtual session designed to prepare you to care for your newborn and yourself in the first days and weeks following birth.

Breastfeeding Education: This is a 2- 2.5 hour Interactive or virtual session designed to help educate you on properly breastfeeding and latching. 


Resources: Simone will provide you with articles, studies and other information that can assist educating you with any questions. Also resources from your community  can be provided to support you in your pregnancy and motherhood as requested.


Name: Simone Junious

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Number: +1 (718) 564 0799
Email: Simone.Junious@gmail.com

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